Glass Artist Creates Decadent Pastries From Porcelain


Pastry making is one of the most popular and celebrated forms of art globally. I am sure that many people will disagree with me about considering pastry making a form of art, but for me anything that needs creativity and passion and requires a high amount of precission is a form of art. Only pastry making has one disadvantage. It can’t be put in a museum and viewed by thousands of people, because its creations have to be consumed in a certain time gap. Naturally, when I saw this artist’s porcelain desserts I was very excited to see how a dessert can become a decorative element and an exhibit.

Shayna Leib is a glass artist with 20 years experience in creating a variety of items using glass and porcelain.


In 2004, she taught sculpture and drawing at Cal Poly State University and in 2005 she moved on to teach glass at the University of Madison-Wisconsin.


Her sculptural studies reflect an attention to detail indicative of the two major influences on her life- music and philosophy. 


She works in a variety of mediums including ceramic, stone, metal, photography and fabric, though glass remains her profession’s material.


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