A Great Tutorial On How To Shape Your Brows!



You know Nikkie right? You know how much of an expert she is on beauty issues. From lipstick shades to contouring and highlighting, she is a living encyclopedia for informing us about anything that we do on our faces!


This is the natural state of Nikkie’s brows, so keep them in mind for the time you see the ending result.

YouTube | NikkieTutorials

Taking a brow pencil, she goes on the top of her brow and creates the shape that she wants.

YouTube | NikkieTutorials

When she’s done with the top, she moves to the bottom of her brow and finishes the shape.

YouTube | NikkieTutorials

Eyebrow shaping tutorial

My advice: don’t overdo it in shaving. Choose not a very wide shape and give your face a chance to shine as a total and don’t let your eyebrows get all the attention.


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