Grils Trends We Secretly Love And Hate At The Same Time!

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For many girls, keeping up with fashion trends is a must! We love trying out new fashionable things and never really get bored of all these beauty shenenigans. But this can get a little too far, right? Fashion trends, might be in but can also be quite ridiculous and many people sooner or later regret trying them on. One the other hand, many people love even edgy fashion trends and thus the vicious circle of fashion will go on! 

1. Feather brows.

We simply cannot forget about this trend that took over instagram.

Instagram |

2. Ear makeup. 

Ear makeup is so 2036!


3. Lillipop lips. 

It looks as if someone kissed you.


4. Unicorn hair.

Unicorn hair is such a cute trend but I believe that it only takes some weeks for the dye to fade, making you hair color a mess.


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