Guy Photoshops His Adult Self into His Childhood Photos


Growing up we get to experience many things that are impossible to re-experience in the future. Every era has its unique beauty, but no age is as innocent and carefree as our childhood. It’s the one period in our lives that gives us the opportunity to live life as it comes and not care about the struggles and the diffeculties that our family and the world world faces. This is why every kid should enjoy that time and their parents should make sure that they protect them over that period no matter what.

Conor Nickerson, a photographer and music student, decided to do a special project in order to honor his childhood.


After seeing his childhood photo albums, he decided to take a series of old photos and photoshop his adult self onto them.


His work was so detailed and perfectly edited that the addition of his adult self seems like it truly belongs in the picture.


He called his project Childhood and he gathered old clothes that would suit the scene of the older photos.


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