Guys Who Are Too Shy to Put Their Hands on a Woman’s Shoulder



We’ve talked to a great extent about the various ‘handsy men’ (a big thank you to Tracee Ellis Ross for the expression) that exist in the world and don’t know how to stop touching anything that is attached on a woman’s body. There are a few guys that not only will not touch a woman inappropriately, but won’t even put their fingers of her shoulder. They will touch her with the rest of their arm, but their fingers seem to be working separately from the the rest of the arm. To me, they are the cutest! Let’s check them out!

1. He wants to look like a gangster, but he is still a shy little guy inside.


2. If she’s jumped up on you like this, she obviously has no problem with you touching her skin a little bit.


3. Your prom date is better than any other girl’s and probably won’t even try to kiss you.


4. The ‘unhugged’ girl must be the one that he likes and he probably doesn’t want to give her the wrong impression.


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