This Health Blogger Reveales How Fake Instagram Pictures Are



My opinion of Instagram photos has always been very low. I mean, it’s so obvious that everyone is getting preped up and posing for about 50 shots before finding this one picture that is flawless. But, then again nothing is flawless, so we get to the next stage of photoshop and editing. So, how can a picture that seems to completely lack of spontanity can be real and not as fake as Kylie Jenner’s lips?

This magnificent girl is Sara Puhto, a Finish blogger that has set the goal of making people love their bodies and not believing everything they see online.

Instagram | saggysara

Sara shows us that everything has two sides and that same thing worked with photographs. It’s all about having a particular perspective.

Instagram | saggysara

God, I am tired of seeing pictures like the one on the right. Everyone nowadays seems to be taking a picture similar to this one.

Instagram | saggysara

Again, it’s how you work with your body. One slight movement can create a totally different image and the outcome will be ”insta-worthy”.

Instagram | saggysara

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