This Health Blogger Reveales How Fake Instagram Pictures Are

Sara is not afraid to put herself out there and send a loud message to every little girl and grown woman, that no one will love your body if you don’t love it first.

Instagram | saggysara

People will love your fake photo, but criticize your real image. So, why bother impress them with something fake instead of proving to them how wrong they are criticizing you?

Instagram | saggysara

No ones tummy and thighs are flat when they sit down or bend over. We all have fat in our bodies and it has to go somewhere.

Instagram | saggysara

Like Kendrick Lamar says ”show me something natural, like a** with some stretch marks”. This is it guys!

Instagram | saggysara

I hear many people sayig that they like seeing natural things and when they actually see them, they turn their head with a disgusted expression on their face. Not cool, people. Not cool at all. You can do anything you want on social media, but it all comes down to one thing. No one is perfect and no fake image will make anyone appreciate or love you.


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