Hedgehog Azuki Has One of the Most Facinating Accounts on Instagram


We’ve seen so many accounts for dogs, cats, birds and God knows how many other animals. What we haven’t seen or have seen but in a very small scale, is an account about a hedgehog’s life. Maybe it is because not many people have a pet hedgehog, feeding it and caring for it. Azuki is truly an amazing creature, who is luckier than many humans ever were or will be.

Azuki is an African pygmy hedgehog and it is the only kind of hedgehog that can be kept as a pet.

Instagram | hedgehog_azuki

Its owner dresses Azuki with the cutest tiniest clothes and creates a colorful theme environment for it to crash.

Instagram | hedgehog_azuki

Azuki is already more famous than most humans are, counting more that 220,000 followers on instagram.

Instagram | hedgehog_azuki

This particular photo of Azuki scored more than 20,000 likes and had 650 comments.

Instagram | hedgehog_azuki

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