Hilarious Times When Canadians Roasted Americans


Canada is known for its nice behaving people and very progressive laws considering all aspects of the public life. So, America is like Canada’s evil sister, who likes to make fun of the big sibling simply because she is jealous of her. I mean, this is what Americans do. They make fun and laugh at the expense of every other country in the world. Well, if you think that this is funny, then you should be ready for some jokes that will make you feel uncomfortable and angry.

Canadians don’t need to burn cars and destroy other people’s properties, because they have no complaints from their Government.


I’m sorry America, but you are left so behind that you can’t even see the finishing line. You look medieval compared to Canada.


American Governments will always hate those countries who are not letting them interfere with their matters. 

Twitter | anne_theriault

This is literally a bunch of staples glued together and sold for a ridiculous amount of money. It’s not Kris’ fault for ‘creating’ it, but the Americans’ for buying it.

Twitter | twitterlols

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