Hilarious Times When Canadians Roasted Americans

Being able to respect the advice that the weather reports give the people is a matter of well manners. 


So true! Donald Trump wants to annul Obamacare, but will sign any document they give him considering funding guns and bombs. 


This is a huge issue. Americans love to make fun of everyone based on their nationality, but when others do the same to them, they take offense.


No one will ever know a nationality and its habits unless we get to live with them and share their interests.

Twitter | meanwhileincana

You see, it’s not only Americans who can make fun of literally everyone else. Like in the comedy world, when a famous comedian spends their entire life making fun of other people, there comes a time when they are going to get roasted and have a sense of humor about it. But, something tells me that America doesn’t have a good enough sense of humor.

What do you think?

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