Indigo Is One of the Calmest and Most Romantic Colors For Any Room


Indigo may be familiar to you as a color, since it’s the classic color of jeans. It also is a color that has been widely used in interior design. It is very possible that you’ve seen many couches, armchairs and rugs with this color and fewer walls painted solely with the color. People don’t easily choose bright colors for their interior spaces of their house, but it is time that this changed. If you are thinking of turning your house into a more positive and bright environment, indigo color might be one of your best choices.

Indigo is considered a statement color, associated with wisdon and honesty, which enhances your environment.


It is a color that offers us a sense of stability and quiet, since it reminds us of the deep blue sea or the ocean.


It is a color that amazes people even if it being used only a tiny bit or even as a decorative detail.


Indigo makes a perfect match with dark grey, which is another popular color that doesn’t stand well completely on its own.


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