Instagram Accounts for Your Daily Design Newsletter


Before Instagram made its appearance in our lives, magazines were the only source of new design styles and ideas on how to decorate your own home. Then, the internet started taking the place of actual magazines with online copies of the same publications and websites about interior design and architecture started appearing. These websites are still a big part of our daily information on the new trends, but Instagram has also entered our lives with a new dynamic. It’s easier following a bunch of accounts with images than visiting various websites and being bombarded with numerous of photos and titles in every website separately.


1. Sight Unseen is dedicated to unveiling what’s next in design and the visual arts.

Instagram | _sightunseen_

2. Design Love Fest is all about showing a happy face and a celebratory atmosphere.

Instagram | designlovefest

3. Ryan Korban’s page is dedicated to good taste and elegant decoration.

Instagram | ryankorban

4. Frances Loom works on vintage looks and is a curator of antique rugs.

Instagram | francesloom

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