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Is Camila Cabello the New Beyonce?


Okay, hold your hoops girls! We are not making any kind of comparisons here. This is not an article to compare the incomparable. My question aims to search if Camila, who started off as a girl band member and later went solo, will reach the levels of success that Beyonce did, who also started off with Destiny’s Child and later left for a solo career. We’ve seen many members of girl bands in the past going solo (Nicole Scherzinger, Mel B, Melanie C, Kelly Rowland), but no one ever had the success of Beyonce and no one after Beyonce started as forceful as Camila. She is already topping the Billboard chart and the charts all around the world (and not with her debut single) and my question is: will she be the second Beyonce?

Camila just like Beyonce started off in a band and was the one who shined the most, while still a member.


Her debut single Crying in the Club may not have reached number one around the world, but it was certified as gold in the United Kingdon and United States.


But, her second single Havana, has already shaken up the music world and has topped many charts worldwide, baring comparison to Beyonce’s debut single Crazy in Love.


She might not have the dance moves of Queen Bey, but her stage presence is powerful and her voice is always flawless.


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