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Is Camila Cabello the New Beyonce?

Camila has co-written all three songs that have been released until this moment. She’s proven that she is not a constructed pushover by a huge record label.


She has already gained worldwide success, with award performances and nominations that we yet have to see if she is going to win.


Camila never talked bad about her ex-members on 5H and is always very positive during her interviews, creating a very nice and lovable profile. 


Unlike Beyonce, Camila didn’t have a music mogul like Jay-Z behind her to push her career higher.



I am sure a lot of you will disagree with my views and will even use curse words towards me, but I am okay with that. I stand by my opinion that Camila will evolve to be a huge star similar to Beyonce’s success. It is just too early for the world to see that, but I have a feeling that this is going to be the future for her.

What do you think?

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