Japanese Artist Creates Unbelievable Coin Structures

Twitter | thumb_tani

Being an artist is all about expressing yourself through a form that fulfills you the most and trying to create something that has never been done before and will attract people’s attention. That should always be the second goal, since your vision and artistic value should be your guides to anything you do no matter how unique and successful it is. There have been and still are many instances of supposed artists, whose only goal was to gain money and give the people what they wanted to see. That’s certainly not the path to follow when it comes to artistic expression.

Twitter user @thumb_tani and amateur artist from Japan creates gravity defying coin structures.

Twitter | thumb_tani

Watching the outcome of his work is absolutely stunning and we can’t quite understand how he creates those structures.

Twitter | thumb_tani

The artist started creating these structures out of boredom, but now spends hours on his ideas.

Twitter | thumb_tani

He decided to start posting his work on his Twitter account and his unique coin structures have not gone unnoticed.

Twitter | thumb_tani

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