Japanese Artist Creates Unbelievable Coin Structures

The artist inserts other materials in his structures and makes the outcome seem even more impressive and unbelievable.

Twitter | thumb_tani

Some people suggested that he is using glue, but he posted a video showing him creating a structure just to shut them down.

Twitter | thumb_tani

Tanu says that in order to create such detailed structures he has to be very concentrated and keep his hands very calm.

Twitter | thumb_tani

His twitter account is being followed by 47k people and it is growing even more as time goes by.

Twitter | thumb_tani

We can’t know for sure if this kind of art will last for many years to come, but we either can’t say for sure that his art is ephemeral. Time is always the one who proves whether an artist or a specific form of art will last and continue to keep the public interested.

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