Kitsch Interiors That Will Make You Reconsider About the Style


Kitsch is a form of art associated with tackiness. When we use the word, it is to describe something that is not unanimously pretty and/or artful and does not seem appealing to the human eye. The word was invented to characterize artworks that were made in response to certain divisions in the 19th century art and it was associated with exaggerated sentimentality and melodrama. This form of art was later used in music, literature and interior design.

1. The number one rule of Kitsch is emphasis on pop art and culture and not what is considered high art.

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2. Bright colors, that are not usually combined, are another characteristic of the famous style.

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3. Wallpaper is a preferable material in the kitsch style and more specifically patterned and colorful wallpapers.

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4. Kitsch interiors are usually imitating antique fabrics, ancient columns and using plastic to create faux-wooden cabinets.

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