Korean Artist Makes the Most Creative Designs on Top of Lattes



You must have gone to a coffee place where they served your cappuccino with a heart on top of the cream. Creating a heart or a flower must be the easiest thing for someone who makes coffee. Kangbin Lee, a Korean latte expert, has gone farther than anyone else in the coffee game. He is one of the few latte experts that puts color on his designs and creates famous paintings or scenes from popular cartoons.

He uses a spoon and various pencil-like dabbers to administer color and create his desirable designs.

Instagram |leekangbin91

Creamart is the name that himself gave his art and it wasn’t too late until he was discovered by the lovers of coffee. 

Instagram |leekangbin91

He says that he wanted to create an amazing and delicate new flavor and that’s how he thought of Creamart.

Instagram |leekangbin91

In this one, you see an almost finished coffee with Edvard Munch’s The Scream designed on top.

Instagram |leekangbin91

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