Korean Artist Makes the Most Creative Designs on Top of Lattes

Van Gogh’s Starry Night is one of his most memorable designs, simply because of the painting itself and his great execution of it.

Instagram |leekangbin91

When photographing his creations, he makes sure that the cup and its saucer are blending perfectly with the colors of the design.

Instagram |leekangbin91

He can make pretty much anything that you ask him to. His method should be thought at barrista school!

Instagram | leekangbin91

Maybe he can’t work at a real cafe (your coffee would take 30 minutes to arrive), but his designs belong to a coffee museum.

Instagram | leekangbin91

We knew that many barristas created designs on top of the cream before serving the coffee, but I think no one knew that you can create complicated designs like Kangbin does. He really is the best in the profession and I am glad that we could meet him.

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