LEGO House Is Now Open And Interesting For People of All Ages


If you were born after 1950 it is possible that you remember playing with lego while growing up. I certainly remember using legos to build all kinds of unusual structures. When in 2014 The Lego Movie was released the popularity of the already famous and popular toys reached extremely high levels. Now, legos were a must-have for all kids of a certain age. I guess every kid already had them, but after the movie they would actually feel proud to have them and parents would make a big deal about them.

1. In Billund, Denmark, the hometown of Lego, recently opened the highly anticipated Lego House.


The place was designed by BIG and it features 21 large creations made entirely by stacking up legos.


The center has free and paid areas, with general admission for adults being 26 euros. Kids up to 2 years old have free entrance.


If you do pay for a picket, you will be given access to the six experience zones, where different events take place. 


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