Loewe Just Launched an Ultra-Thin TV With Golden Frame


When color television was launched in 1950 in the United States from CBS, people were really amazed to see for the very first time the colors that they saw in real life. As a millennial, I have a very fresh memory of the plasma TV and how it slowly started to enter our homes, with the old box-sized televisions being abandoned. Every generation has its own memories of all the technological inventions and those who are now being born are probably going to remember televisions similar to this one that Loewe recently launched.

Bodo Sperlain, the man who designed the TV, wanted to revive a highly cherished material such as the television.


Bodo designs his own material, but also collaborates with big technology firms to create together innovative pieces.


Bodo’s collections sweep a broad variety of materials from silver to bone china and are featured in globally acclaimed retailers such as Barneys.


By teaming up with leading brands to Michelin-star chefs, working with a diverse range of clients has equipped Bodo with a wealth of experience and skills.


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