Luxurious Prisons Only Rich People Can Afford


Who said that someone’s stay in prison has to be horrible or even dangerous? Money can buy everything that has been set with a price tag. I don’t mean that money can buy literally everything, because some things are simply not for sale. But anything that is out in the market, money can easily buy it. Prison is one of those things. Rich people are given the opportunity to pay for their stay in luxurious prisons and not burden the overcrowded public prisons.


Sunbathing in this Norwegian luxury prison

Image by takepart

This Australian prison could easily be an office building in a major city

Image by eatnineghost

This Boston prison has a cafeteria that resembles a nice and stylish restaurant

Image by recyclenation

These are the most luxurious prisons for the rich

So, as you can see prison is not a punishment for everybody. For some people it can be a nice reward, where they can live partly like they lived in the outside world and enjoy the conveniences of a 5 star hotel.

Front image | chiuyinglu 


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