Mugs That Have a Special Pocket to Hold Your Cookie


A few months ago, I went to a Tiger store looking for a few things to buy. The first thing that caught my eye the exact moment I stepped foot into the store was a red mug that had a cartoon face painted on it and instead of a mouth it had an opening where the cookie was supposed to go. The only reason that I didn’t buy this mug (FYI I love mugs) is because I thought it was too small and couldn’t fill with the amount of coffee or tea that I usually drink. Anyway, when I saw it again a couple weeks ago, I decided to search for all the similar products and present them to you.

1. The Happy Panda Mug is a perfect gift for this friend of yours who cannot drink anything without a cookie. 


2. This is very similar to the one I was talking to you about earlier, only this one is all white.


3. Here it is! It is not exactly identical, but the theme is the same. Who wouldn’t want this mug next to them on Christmas?

Pinterest | BigMouth Inc.

4. This one holds more than one cookie and I don’t think that it will be a problem for anyone in the world.


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