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Pharmacist Combines Drawings with Real Life And The End Results Will Make Your Day


You don’t need to be an artist that has graduated from college and has a master in Arts to understand the true meaning of them. Art is the only thing in the world that can relieve and comfort people without saying a word. One image can create different feelings on each person based on their background and their psychological state. A happy person could feel depressed and a depressed person might see a small light at the end of the tunnel from where they can escape. Art does not need further explanation and making people happy is this pharmacist’s intention.

Mokhallad Habib is a pharmacist, who is also talented in drawing cartoon pictures.


He combines famous cartoon images with real-life objects so that he can make people smile.


Photography also plays a huge part in his job and in some occasions digital editing helps complete the result.


He creates playful and surreal images, where the cartoons are being extended into reality. 


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