Photographer Creates Double Exposure Images From Photos Collected Throughout His Childhood


For those of you who are not experienced with double exposure photos and it seems to you like a lot of digital work, you should know that it is mainly a camera trick that you can learn once you give it a little of your time. Unfortunately, not all DSLR cameras can suppport double exposure photos, but most Nikon, a few Canon and Fujifilm’s X-Pro1 and X100s and the Olympus OM-D E-M5 are the most popular choices.

Christoffer Relander is a photographer, who found an interesting was of preserving his childhood photos.


Using jars and the double exposure method, he enclosed his childhood photos forever somewhere that they can’t be harmed. 


He named his project Jarred & Displaced and he created it by blending his childhood photos and jars making it look like the photos are inside the jars.


Christoffer was born in Finnland and it wasn’t until 2009, when he finished his serve at the marines that he realised his passion about photography.


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