P!nk Is the Role Model That Every Young Girl Should Have


Have you ever thought how big of a part the media and celebrities play in shaping a person’s character and beliefs? We live in a society that young girls watch the Kardashians and all these senseless reality TV shows that show nothing but the slavery to money and the decadence of morals. This is a time where we need powerful and socially vocal role models, who will speak on important matters and will make a serious effort to try and change the way the world works around them. This is the time that people like Alecia Moore are of serious importance.

1. She believes that everyone matters, no one is lesser than the other and all of us are beautiful and unique in our own special way.


2. She has faced racism and discrimination for her non-conformist female figure and she is trying to inspire everyone to be themselves no matter what.  

YouTube | PinkVEVO

3. She is not afraid to speak about the matters that trouble her and the whole society in public and through her music.


4. She never tried to pass as a perfect role model. She has been vocal about her troubles and mistakes and how she managed to get over them.


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