Portrait Photographer Exposes the Reality Behind His Perfect Portraits

Instagram | gilmarphotos

Either you are a professional photographer or you simply love taking photos with your cell phone, you must know by now that the outcome of a photo has nothing to do with the process of taking it. Photographers put themselves to great discomfort and sometimes danger in order to take the most perfect picture. When we see the final result we can’t imagine the kind of effort that the photographer put through because we can’t see anything but the people portrayed. This is why it is always funny to look at what we call the ‘behind the scenes’ photos and learn the truth about how they were taken.

This American-Beauty-inspired photo took a lot of arm stretching from the photographer in order to be taken.

Instagram | gilmarphotos

Wedding and family photographer Gilmar Silva often gives us a peak on his creative process until the perfect shot in taken.

Instagram | gilmarphotos

Gilmar usually chooses to lay on the ground and photograph his clients looking at them eye to eye.

Instagram | gilmarphotos

When you see the background of this photo you can’t imagine how it can be turned into a magical environment and this is where Gilmar steps in.

Instagram | gilmarphotos

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