Portrait Photographer Exposes the Reality Behind His Perfect Portraits

It is obvious that he enhances the photos with Photoshop, but the original image plays a huge part for the final outcome of a photo.

Instagram | gilmarphotos

Gilmar’s couple photos are not the conventional type, but he always tries to be creative and make his photos a lot more interesting.

Instagram | gilmarphotos

He often uses objects for one of partners to step on and later remove it on photoshop and make it look like she/he is floating.

Instagram | gilmarphotos

The outcome of the photos looks so effortless and the people portrayed are transformed into muses.

Instagram | gilmarphotos

Gilmar’s portraits are successful for one single reason. That reason is his creativity, which succeeds in taking a simple background and imagining how it could be transformed into some otherworldly environment.

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