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Portraits That Show the Immense Beauty of Shelter Dogs and Cats


My question has always been ‘how a human being, that was created with a mind and heart, can cause so much harm to a naturally harmful creature, like a dog or a cat’. Are humans so sadistic and evil that they get pleasure from beating a helpless and weaker animal? With great sadness I would say yes. I have witnessed an incident, where a guy was dragging a dog while driving in his truck. They poor thing was almost choked from its leash and its fur was almost excoriated. The saddest part is that after confronting the man, he didn’t seem to be ashamed the least bit and didn’t even care when I told him that I had his plate number and I would call the police.

Sophie Gamand is a French photographer, who started this project of photographing shelter animals and showing their beauty.


She is an an animals advocate and since 2010 she has been focusing on animals and our relationship with them.


She travels around the world and photographs shelter animals, offering them a bigger chance of getting adopted.


Sophie believes that humans have manipulated dogs to fulfill their needs and when they are fulfilled they throw them away.


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