Restorer Cleans the Varnish Off a 17th Century Oil Painting

Twitter | philipmould

In the past we have reviewed some of the worse restoration fails in the history. Being a restorer is not an easy thing, since you have to make sure that the piece of art you are working on is not going to be ruined and the result will serve the importance of the painting right. This is why the person who starts the journey of restoring a painting must be fully equiped with all the necessary qualifications to do to the job.

Art dealer, author, and BBC presenter Philip Mould, recently uploaded a video where he made restoring look like a piece of cake.

Twitter | philipmould

Philip Mould & Company are art dealers, who regularly host exhibitions with famous Tudor and Jacobean paintings.

Twitter | philipmould

In this video he uploaded on his Twitter, Mould used the method of painstaking to remove a 200-year-old varnish from a 17th century painting.

Twitter | philipmould

His work is fast and precise, making the whole process look easy, when in reality it is very hard and time consuming.

Twitter | philipmould

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