Restorer Cleans the Varnish Off a 17th Century Oil Painting

What we know about the painting is that it was made in 1618 and the woman portrayed was 36-years-old at that time.

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We don’t know exaclty what chemicals Mould used, although turpentine is usually mixed along with other solvents to remove varnish.

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Historians and chemists usually collaborate in order to examine the kind of varnish and what chemical should be used to remove it successfully.

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They will use test patches to see if their combination of chemicals is working and if so they will start the restoration process.

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It is quite hard to find a good restorer. Based on the previous disasters, where restorers destroyed paintings of incalculable value and importance, people are now more cautious when it come to restoring a painting. They will think about it a lot more than they would in the past.

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