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Reversing Gender Roles in Vintage Sexist Advertisements


How many things do you know about the Suffragettes’ movement or the feminist movements? I guess the movement that fought for women’s rights is not something that the male history book writers are interested in putting in school books. Who cares about these women heroes when there are so many ‘great men’ that fought for their countries and Killed millions of people in the course of history? Yeah, you’re right, I’m being paranoid. Women just stayed home and took care of their children and welcomed back their men alive or in coffins and continued to give birth the next generations. But, that’s so irrelevant and small, right? I guess men could do it if it was small.

Photographer Eli Rezkallah decided to swap roles in some extremely sexist vintage ads.


Back then, these images looked completely normal and not even women could imagine a different world for them.


In today’s society they look so misogynistic and gender-biased that they become criminal.


In a Paraller Universe is a project that aims to put the male mind into thinking and see how they would feel if taken the place of women.


What do you think?

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