Russian Model Successfully Surpases Hair Loss Illness And This Is How She Looks Like Now!

Front image by | sidorovaanastasiya

Many women envy long hair, that look nice and smooth. Anastasiya Sirodova is a Russian model who is mostly known for her really -I mean really- long and healthy red hair. Only a simple look on the instagram page will definitely make you go ”wow” as her hair is truely a dream!

1. This is Anastasiya’s hair.

She looks like a disney princess.

Instagram | sidorovaanastasiya

2. The first thing that comes to your mind is wheather she has ever dyed her hair or not, right?

Well, she had cleamed multiple times that she hasn’t ever ”painted her hair”. All these are natural.

Instagram | sidorovaanastasiya

3. Anastasiya’s hair hadn’t always been like that. There was a time that she suffered hair loss.

When she noticed that her hair was falling off dangerously, she quickly went to a trichologist for help.

Instagram | sidorovaanastasiya

4. ” There was a period where my hair stopped growing a fell terribly”, she explained.

Instagram | sidorovaanastasiya

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