This Is The Most Satisfying Video Ever

Psychologists say that sometimes we make thoughts or do simple things that we think are unique and no one else thinks or does them. But, when we share these thoughts with others we realize that we are not the only ones to ever think or do a certain thing. This is the case with videos like the one below. For some reason many of us -I would refrain from saying all- feel some kind of pleasure when we watch the things that the video shows. I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe you will be able to when you watch it.

You know that rubbery thing that you can squeeze it as much as you want?

Image Youtube | WTFailable

Cake decoration is always a great thing to do and watch

Image Youtube | The Most Satisfying Videos In The World

We all like playing with matches. So, this is like a wild fantasy!

Image Youtube | Just Cool Stuff

Watch the most satifying video ever

That was really satisfying, wasn’t it? I felt great and jealous that I wasn’t the one who was doing all these things!

Front image | larryuncensored

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