Smoothie Bowl Enthusiast, Makes Veganism Look a Lot More Attractive

Instagram | rachelrenelorton

Although more and more people today are turning to veganism as a healthier choice and an answer to the unknown origin of the meat that ends up in our plates or simply because of their love for animals, the amount of people that opposes them and calls them hypocritical and fake is rising as well. Something like this is always happening when two extreme sides are occuring and none of them is willing to respect the other’s choice. I am a responsible meat eater, meaning that meat is not my number one food choice and I only eat it once in two weeks, but for some reason I always stood behind vegetarians and vegans.

Rachel Lorton is a proclaimed ‘smoothie bowl enthusiast’ and prepares her meals in the most interesting way possible.

Instagram | rachelrenelorton

We have to admit that when something is so colorful and playful, it intrigues us to give it a taste.

Instagram | rachelrenelorton

Rachel uses all kinds of fruit and other natural ingredients such as turmenic, pea flower, beetroot etc.

Instagram | rachelrenelorton

Rachel does not need any artificial colors for her smoothie bowls. She proves that you can make anything by just taking from nature.

Instagram | rachelrenelorton

It is true that nature can offer us everything we need, but sometimes we tend to get our hands what is easier to have access to.

Instagram | rachelrenelorton

Rachel uploads video tutorial of how she makes her fantastic smoothie bowls, so that anyone can prepare them as well.

Instagram | rachelrenelorton

I would very much like to ask her how she gives the kiwi this magnificent shape.

Instagram | rachelrenelorton

Whether you are a vegan or not, you can see the amount of work and love that this girl is putting in her smoothie bowl and for that she deserves our respect.

Instagram | rachelrenelorton

I don’t know if the environmental issues would be solved if we all stopped eating meat. A huge part of the problem would be solved, since cows produce large amounts of methane, which is responsible for about 40%-50% of the total amount of air pollution, more than what cars cause.

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