Social experiment | Would you steal from a blind man?

The world’s going through some pretty rough times. Wars, crisis -in every form- do really tear us apart. Many people have sarcificed their lives in the past years in order to make the future a better place, but we still live in a filthy world.

Of course, there’s always a bright side. Progress has been made. People have invented a lot of things in order to make their lives easier. But is this enough? No  People really have a lot of progress to make. They do really need to think about morals.

This video is a social experiment, which help us see how messed up we really are. So, it’s about a ‘blind’ man who wants change for a five dollar bill. Instead of giving people the five dollar bill, he ‘intentionally’ gives them a 50. Want to know how these people reacted? Watch the video. I’m sure it’ll sock you…

Check it out!

How do you feel right now? Disgust? Sad? Angry? What would you do if this happened to you? Would you steal from him?

Front image and video YouTube | ComedyHeaven

What do you think?

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