Someone Is Placing Pixel Images Randomly On the Streets

Instagram | pappasparlor

Has there ever been a time when you realized how much you hate the city due to its non-stopping noise and the cars that never stopped moving up and down the streets? I have felt that hatred quite a few times and while in that state of hatred I was trying to think what can be done so that the environment of busy cities can become more carefree and relaxing. This pixel artist may have come up with the best and most imaginative way to make that happen.

Johan Karlgren, also known as Pappas Pärlor, is a Swedish pixel artist, who creates interactive street art.

Instagram | pappasparlor

Johan gets inspired by vintage video games and tries to make the invironment he lives in a lot more beautiful.

Instagram | pappasparlor

He places his artworks in the most usual places that are guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention.

Instagram | pappasparlor

If I even went mushroom picking and I found this Mario artwork, I would take it and start running as fast as I could.

Instagram | pappasparlor

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