This Street Artist Is Filling New York With The Most Hilarious Graffitis


Being an artist is all about being creative. What we are talking about is a combination of creativity and danger, since most of the times street artists create graffitis that haven’t been granted permission for. But that will never stop them from continuing to create unique and genius pieces of art that everyone admires while walking to work. Keep up the good work guys and fear no one!

Tom Bob is an American street artist that has decided to transform the streets of New York by creating magnificent pieces of art.

Instagram | tombobnyc

Tom finds places that already have some kind of ‘furniture’ and he builds a new image in his mind based on these street elements.

Instagram | tombobnyc

Apart from New York, Tom has been walking around Massachusetts and leaving behind some of the most imaginative graffitis.

Instagram | tombobnyc

Tom seems like a guy who never stops walking around New York and finding the most boring places to transform.

Instagram | tombobnyc

I am pretty sure that even after seeing his work, there will be many people who will object and say that he destroys other people’s properties.

Instagram | tombobnyc

Usually changes do not come from just one person, but in this case one man has achieved to bring so much beauty into the most ugly places.

Instagram | tombobnyc

The reason that I admire Tom (apart from his imagination) is because he sees the beauty in everywhere, even the ugliest things.

Instagram | tombobnyc

If he had put a dozen of rats coming out of the sewer the image would be more realistic than just his imagination…

Instagram | tombobnyc

What do you think?

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