This Street Artist Is Filling New York With The Most Hilarious Graffitis

If you thought that the lobsters above were already perfect, now that you can see the complete design I am sure that you are left with your mouth hanging open.

Instagram | tombobnyc

I think that this piece is his biggest and most impressive to date. It may be quite simple, but its size is truly magnificent.

Instagram | tombobnyc

I publicly suggest that every municipality and county hired street artists to make every little city more beautiful and interesting.

Instagram | tombobnyc

If you are interested in Tom’s work, you can follow him on Instagram and see his every day work on transforming the streets of New York.

Instagram | tombobnyc

Sometimes I get very pessimistic about our world’s future and how technology is sucking us in and takes away all the creativity and new ideas that we have, but artists like Tom are filling my soul with optimism that we will not let the world sink. We will fight until the end for a beautiful world, where ‘ugly’ people have no place.

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