The Best Snacks You Can Eat Before Exercising


How many hours a day do you sit on a chair? Personally, I sit almost half the day and my need to go on a long walk and stretch my body is immense. That’s why I try to prioritize some ‘me’ time and go out for a walk in the woods. It’s not about losing weight, but keeping my body healthy and vibrant. But, in order to fully achieve that, food is the second factor that we should all be paying attention to. You cannot have a healthy, fit body no matter how much you exercise, if you keep eating just whatever. Starvation is also a bad choice that, unfortunately, many people resort to. What you need before your workouts, is some light, but high in nutritional value snacks.


1. Orange smoothie


Or a simple freshly squeezed orange juice. Just don’t drink store-bought juice. You’ll be drinking more sugar than actual fruit juice.

2. Blueberry banana smoothie


Nothing will give you more energy than the combination of banana, blueberries, yogurt and almond milk.


3. Peanut butter energy balls


This is a snack that you can prepare in 5 minutes and eat it as easily and fast as you made it.

4. Egg and avocado toast


If that snack doesn’t put the metal in the pedal nothing will.


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