The Best Wireless Chargers in the Market and Their True Worth


Just walking around the streets or sitting at a cafe you see at least a dozen of people using a power bank to charge their phone. This is pretty natural if you think about how much time we spend daily on our phones and how much energy the applications we use consume from our phone batteries. Although, there is one small problem. Power banks have a small cord which connects our phone to it and when you need to work with your phone, this little cord might make it a bit difficult or uncomfortable. This brings us to the next level, which is a wireless charger for your phone. Many models have been released so far, but is this tool something worth purchasing and if so which models are the best so far?


1. Ravpower Fast Charge Charging Pad


This one is currently at the top of the wireless charger game beating out every other competitor in every test. The charger itself will cost you $15,99, but the full pack goes up to $44.

2. Samsung Fast Charge Charging Pad


Samsung comes very close to Ravpower when it comes to speed and price, since it is within the same $40 price range of the latter’s wireless charger.


3. Anker Powerport QI 10W


This one will cost you approximately $35, but you will have to buy the usb wall plug separately.

4. Ravpower 2 Coils Wireless Charger


The design allows you to place your phone easier on the charger, but in this model the wall plug is not included. It comes at $21,99.


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