The Crystal Clear Water of Lake Braies in Italy

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Lake Braies is located in the Prags Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy. It is a not so famous Italian destination, but its natural beauty is so captivating that more people should start going and more tourism agencies should start putting it into their tour guides. There is nothing more refreshing than visiting a quiet lake with crysta clear water that can magnetize any living being and take even the smallest troubling thought out of your mind.

Davide Sasso is an instagramer, who loves photography and of course his country. That’s why he went to lake Braies and captured its unlimited beauty.

Instagram | redunchained

The lake is surrounded by the Dolomites and Croda del Becco, which is truly stunning to watch.

Instagram | redunchained

The water’s emerald green and turquoise colors and so clear that you will realise that you can mirror yourself on them.

Instagram | redunchained

The lake attracts mostly hikers, bikers and climbers during the summer months when the weather is mild.

Instagram | redunchained

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