The Disturbing Story of the Triplets That Got Separated as Part of a Social Experiment

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In 1980, Robert Shafran arrived for his first day in Sullivan County Community College in New York. He was really surprised by the way the other teens greeted him, hugging and high-fiving him. They also kept calling him Eddy. When he got to his dorm room, Michael Domitz, his roommate, informed him that the previous roommate was a guy named Eddy Galland and had the exact same backstory with Robert. It was then that Robert decided that he and Eddy had to meet. And this the point when the clearing out of this unusual story begins.

Separated at birth

Peter Neubauer, a psychiatrist in New York, decided to conduct a research and separate the triplets, giving each one to a family of a different economic background.

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The three families

The adoptive parents of the triplets were not informed that the kid they adopted was part of a social experiment and separated triplet. Also, the doctor didn’t inform them that there was history of mental illness.

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Eddy and Robert

When these two found out about each other and met, the third person, a man named David Kellman came forward after a local newspaper had featured his two brothers.

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Same habits

The triplets were already smoking the same brand of cigarettes, loved Italian food, preferred older women and even lost their virginity at the same age.

YouTube | Sundance Institute

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