The Filithiest and Most Appalling Hoarders’ Homes


I’ve been lucky enough in my life not to have met anyone that is a true hoarder. I get really mad every time when I watch my mom keeping a few old things that she could throw away, but instead stores them in our basement. True hoarders are much more than that though. Keep reading if you want to see some pretty serious cases of hoarding.


1. How can someone be productive in such an environment is beyond me.

Pinterest | Kim Cummings

2. A post office has millions of bills and envelopes and it manages to stay cleaner than this mess.

Pinterest | Kim Cummings

3. You know that they’ve been using this toilet, because they’ve left the space in front of the toilet clean.

Pinterest | WILDCHILD 1965

4. You sure your clothes will stay clean in that mess?

Pinterest | Kim Cummings

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