The Most Colorful Account on Instagram Is Truly Spectacular


Sometimes life gets too dark and we all need something light and happy to come and lift us up and show us the colorful part of the world. This can happen with the simplest way possible, like seeing an account or a single photo on Instagram, which instantly lifts our mood and makes feel alive again. By putting color to our lives, we show how much we appreciate and value it and that we know how to make every small moment count.

Ramzy Masri is a proud New Yorker, who is now holding the title for the most colorful account on instagram.

Instagram | space.ram

Ramzy uses an iPad Pro, a stylus pen and an editing app to turn famous landscapes into dreamy places.

Instagram | space.ram

He describes himself as an unapologetic optimist, who values authentic experiences that help people value their lives.

Instagram | space.ram

He doesn’t care about showing something realistically, but how he would like it to be in order to make people’s lives much more inetersting.

Instagram | space.ram

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