The Most Creative and Hilarious Textbook Doodles

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Let’s face it. No one was an angel as a student. I mean, we all got bored of some specific courses and had to do something to help pass time. The most popular thing to do back in the day and still at the moment is painting and sketching on the books. Texting is another popular thing to do, but you run the danger of getting caught and get punished. But, when you sketch doodles on your book, even if your teacher sees you they won’t send you to the headmaster, but will only tell you to stop doing what you’re doing and pay attention. In some cases, they might even get impressed by your drawings and don’t even shout at you.

1. The main problem with history books is that they lack illustration. People of all ages learn the historic events better when they have something visual to help them.

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2. This is so right! The book won’t show that, but every teacher knows that most kids end up like that in their first effort.

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3. This is how you make mathematics a lot more interesting and easy to understand than they really are.


4. We’re not saying that the kid has the best of role models, but at least he’s not naming Kim Kardashian and her family.


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