The Most Depressing Place Names In The World



Up until this point I thought that ‘Snake Island’ in Rio de Janeiro and ‘Suicide forest’ in Japan were the two most depressing names that were given to places ever. Although, there are other, way less known places that were given very depressing names, since negative things have been associated with them. I don’t know if the local authorities could present them as vacation destinations, but I am sure that the tragedy and the sadness that surrounds them will attract quite a few people who are friends of the macabre.


1. In Disappointment Island near New Zealand two boats have crashed, where survivor waited for months to be saved, but ultimately died.


Isn’t that a shame?

2. Slaughter beach in Delaware is said to have taken its name from the horseshoe crabs that wash up on the shore and die in large numbers each year.


As a vegetarian, I must say that this makes me too sad.


3. Starvation Height in Oregon took its name from its poor soil.


I truly wouldn’t want to live in that place.

4. Lonesome Lake in New Hampshire is probably the only lake that you will visit and not see a single soul around.


This doesn’t necessarily seem too bad. I could definitely use some peace and quiet.


What do you think?

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