The Things That You Secretly Hate About Clubs


Okay, this is an article that you would probably expect a 40-year-old person would write, but I don’t think that I am not the only person in their early 20s that shudders with fear when someone even whispers the word “clubbing”. Clubs are perfect when you are just starting to go out and drink or when you are in college, but as the years go by, something changes in you and you start treating clubs differently. You get annoyed by a lot of things and you just are not interested in going week after week.

1. It’s too loud

Actually it’s criminally loud and without any reason. All I ask is a couple DBs down, so that we could all exchange a few words without practicing speechlessness the following day.


2. Too crowded

I don’t expect to have a large space reserved for me, but when I call for a table of 10, freaking reserve me a table for 10 and not for 5.


3. Asking for tap water

Is it so bad to want some water and not pay for it? Why do bartenders and the waiting stuff get so annoyed when you ask for tap water?


4. Power outlets

Seems stupid to many of you now that we have powerbanks, but wouldn’t power outlets be useful?


What do you think?

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