The Total Abandonment of Mount Kumgang in North Korea


Mount Kumgang was just trees and rocks before the famous Korean company Hyundai decided to use it and build a tourist complex with a fire station, spas, hotels, restaurants and many other facilities. The chaebol even paid $1 billion to the government so that they would have the exclusivity of the place for 50 years. $400 million were spent to build the mountain’s facilities, with the expectation that they would easily double the amount. But, it seems that something went wrong and the mountain closed for good.

Mount Kumgang was very popular and attracted 2 million people from 1998 until 2008.


In July 2008, a tourist was shot dead and South Korea decided to end all tours to the mountain.


North Korea announced that the woman entered the military zone and ignored all the warning signs from the soldiers.


North Korea had no other choice, but to close down the tourist complex in wholesome.


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