The Traditional Ceremony of Tooth Filing in Bali


Like Muslim men are getting circumcised from the day they come into life, people in Bali participate in a ceremony called ‘tooth filing’. In that ceremony people straighten their teeth by cutting their fangs, which are considered unattractive in the Balinese society. It is an ancient ceremony that still is a very important moment for every woman and man that participates, marking their passage from childhood to adulthood. It happens before marriage and it has many stages, including purification.


For a couple of days before the ceremony, the teens who participate have to pray in a special place.


And that’s just the beginning.

Both girls and boys are receiving a makeup session and they dress in gramorous costumes.


And when we say glamorous, we mean it.


The ceremony starts with ‘mebyakala’.


It is a series of purification with holy water, so that the teens will be cleansed.

The next step is for teens to bow on their parents’ legs.

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After that, they should thank them dearly for everything they’ve done for them since their birth.


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